Hell Has Frozen Over

Yes, non-believers, these are pics of all the food I have cooked in quarantine. Mind you there were a lot of dinners that consisted of my all-time fave of cheese, crackers, and fruit, but, yes, I have been venturing into the kitchen a lot during the past five months. Working more than full-time was never conducive to spending hours in the kitchen making dinner so … Continue reading Hell Has Frozen Over

Warriors, Come Out to Play…

Down the rabbit hole on a Wednesday (I think or is it Tuesday?)…I just finished reading John Grisham’s latest Camino Winds. And when I say read, I actually mean listened to as I’ve been checking out audio books lately, but more on that later. The story itself, like most of his novels, is fast-moving and engaging. And timely as it takes place during a hurricane … Continue reading Warriors, Come Out to Play…

Old School Photos & New School Video Calls

I’ve spent a lot of our stay-safer-at-home lockdown time looking back instead of forward. One week, I threw out all the frayed and peeling photo albums, gathered the random photos strewn throughout the house, and put them all in chronological order in little plastic boxes that I ordered from Amazon. Now, for years to come, whoever is interested can leaf though my life in 12 … Continue reading Old School Photos & New School Video Calls

All Good Things Come to an End, but Maybe it Makes Room for New Things?

Just watched the series finale of Homeland…yes, some seasons were uneven, but I don’t care, I loved Brody and Carrie and now I love Yevgeny and Carrie! She’s coolly beautiful, they’re devilishly handsome, what’s not to like? [Spoiler Alert] But I digress, more specifically about the final season, I loved Hugh Dancy (real-life husband of Carrie) joining the cast as a crazy warmonger, using an … Continue reading All Good Things Come to an End, but Maybe it Makes Room for New Things?

Costco Comes in Clutch

If your four-legged family member is taking any kind of medicine, check out your nearby Costco for inexpensive prescriptions. I saved 50% off the cost of my dog’s daily prescription when I switched it from the vet to my local Costco. If you’re not a Costco member, depending on your savings, it might even make sense to pay the membership fee so you can take … Continue reading Costco Comes in Clutch