All Good Things Come to an End, but Maybe it Makes Room for New Things?

Just watched the series finale of Homeland…yes, some seasons were uneven, but I don’t care, I loved Brody and Carrie and now I love Yevgeny and Carrie! She’s coolly beautiful, they’re devilishly handsome, what’s not to like? [Spoiler Alert] But I digress, more specifically about the final season, I loved Hugh Dancy (real-life husband of Carrie) joining the cast as a crazy warmonger, using an old-school spy technique to pass state secrets, the flight recorder proving that a cigar is sometimes just a cigar and, of course, the full circle revelation in the final minutes. Whew! Bravo and thank you to the Homeland cast and crew for entertaining me for years!

Other things that I regret (a lot!) coming to an end: Fleabag and Schitt’s Creek. The former was so unique (4th wall breakthrough scene?!?!) and in your face that I binged both seasons in several days. And when season 2 kicked in with the forbidden love arc, I flashed back to my 14-year-old self’s crush on our Peter Frampton-looking minister and away we went. I had put off watching Schitt’s Creek coming into it only this year, so I was able to binge all the seasons except the last one. It seemed like a one-joke set-up, but after a few episodes it had somehow morphed into a wonderful group of people that I looked forward to catching up with in 30-minute bites. Watch it and you’ll agree that “Moira” is the new “Stella”!

And, finally, not the true end, but wow, can’t wait for next season of “Ozark” and “Better Call Saul”!!!

So, with all that good stuff over, done, finito, you might have some time on your hands…

Check out John Krasinki’s weekly YouTube airing of his “Some Good News” newscast. Try not to smile (or cry)!

As always, I have to plug HBO’s “The Wire” (watch it on HBO or Amazon Prime Video) if you’ve never seen it — it’s a five-season example of TV perfection. Also, it’s fun to see a lot of actors you’ll recognize in their early career — can you say Idris Elba doing a Baltimore accent?!

There are a few other series that I also loved: “Trapped” in the unlikely setting of a very snowy Iceland, there’s just something about the characters and the setting that will enthrall you and make reading subtitles oh so worth it. Then there’s the Olivia Colman and David Tennant detective series “Broadchurch”, you’ll come for the stars and stay for the characters…

Well, that’s enough for now, have to go take the dog for yet another walk…hmmm he seems to be hiding from me?!

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