Warriors, Come Out to Play…

Down the rabbit hole on a Wednesday (I think or is it Tuesday?)…I just finished reading John Grisham’s latest Camino Winds. And when I say read, I actually mean listened to as I’ve been checking out audio books lately, but more on that later. The story itself, like most of his novels, is fast-moving and engaging. And timely as it takes place during a hurricane in a small Florida town. I always finish his books appreciating how he’s tied up every loose end, but never feeling like I just read a great book. Not sure why as he usually has interesting characters and a lot of forward momentum action…anyway, it’s a good quick read with fun characters. Also, Grisham must have lost a bet to fellow writer Scott Turow as he mentions him twice in the book. It’d be interesting to see if Turow returns the favor in any of his books. Back to the rabbit hole — I really enjoyed the book’s narration so I looked it up and was surprised to learn the narrator is Michael Beck. Who, right? Well, it turns out that Beck is a long-time narrator of Grisham audiobooks and has quite a range of voices he brings to the table. But probably his most famous roles are Swan in The Warriors and Sonny in Xanadu. Yep, pretty cool, huh?

As far as audiobooks, I’m a huge reader and am usually in the middle of both an audiobook and a novel on my Kindle. So, this tends to get expensive or it did until I found Libby. It’s a free app that connects to your library card and lets you borrow books to read and listen to for free. So, now with not a lot of other things to do, I listen to a book while I run or take long walks, AirPods in and iPhone* in my pocket. Most new books or really poular ones have a waiting list so it may take awhile to get them, but I’m sure you can find an older book that you’ve been wanting to read (or listen to.) As far as whether to check out a book to read or listen to, I think it’s just personal preference, but maybe try a lighter mystery audiobook first.

Pro tip: It may not work for you, but I listen to audiobooks on 1.25 speed especially those read with a southern accent as they tend to go a bit too slow for me.

*Libby doesn’t have an AppleWatch app so you need to bring your phone to listen to an audiobook on their app.

5 thoughts on “Warriors, Come Out to Play…

  1. Can’t explain why, but I am not a fan of Grisham. Wish I could do audio books, but hearing loss – even with hearing aids – make it a loser.

  2. I got as far as book, the rest was lost on me, I’m afraid. Am I to understand that the 21st century has advanced so far you can even get people to read to you? I really should think about joining it one day.

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