So, On Monday I Killed a Chicken…

Well, not me exactly, but my dog. We saw it in our backyard and then it flew to the roof. So, I thought it was okay to let the dog run free — I mean the chicken was on the roof! Well, not sure why, but the chicken decided to come down off the roof. And the chase was on! Around the yard, on and off the chaise lounge, and then for some reason only half way up an areca palm. Strategic error. A Cairn terrier, at least mine, is very adept at climbing a tree. He totally commits — jumping onto the tree front paws wrapped around the trunk, back paws pushing off of the fronds below. I’m sure the chicken didn’t expect a climbing dog much like I hadn’t expected the chicken to leave the safety of the roof. Well, both of us were wrong. I grabbed the dog out of the tree and put him in the house, but, as it turned out later, one bite was all it took. The chicken hobbled under the table on the lanai and sat there. I put an old pillowcase in a box, turned it sideways, and put a bowl of water next to it. He looked like he was in shock so I thought maybe he just needed some time to literally lick his feathers. This morning, though, he was still in the box and his eyes were closed. Today, the dog carried on as usual (eat, walk, sleep), but the poor chicken ended up in the garbage bin on top of the packaging from the Costco roasted chicken I had bought yesterday. I do believe in karma and I’m waiting for it to slap me hard…

Note: This photo from a few months ago shows a rooster in the park and my dog on a leash — better outcome for all parties.

3 thoughts on “So, On Monday I Killed a Chicken…

  1. I worked with chickens for twenty years. There is a reason that you never find them in those lists of the top ten smartest animals. Or the top twenty…

    A tree-climbing terrier would, on the other hand, make it into the top ten.

    Unless you provided the dog with a ladder I’m not sure karma needs to get involved here.

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